Foundations of Faith New Believer's Class:
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"Foundations of Faith I" is a University-accredited course on the foundations of Christian living and doctrine. Every Christian should take this course! The information is fundamental, yet surprisingly few Christians have an understanding of these things at the level they should. We integrate this course into a new member orientation and feel it is imperative that all Christians should know why we believe what we believe.

The Curriculum Modules to complete this study are as follows:

  1. Fall of Man  2. Salvation  3. Water Baptism  4. Sharing Our Faith  5. Communion  6. Sanctification  7. Holy Spirit  8. Divine Healing  
  2. 9. Church Attendance  10. Finaces/Tithing  11. The Word  12. Prayer  13. Security of the Believer  14. Second Coming of Jesus Christ

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